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There is a time for everything and 48 years after the foundation, the family behind isoplus has found a new owner to take the company into the next growth phase. The purchaser is the Dutch investment company Egeria, and the Danish management is delighted.


Important to secure the future

Being a family-owned company, isoplus’ management has given long consideration to finding out how the family could best secure isoplus’ future position. isoplus was founded in 1974 and has since grown to become the market leader on the European district heating market – always headed by the same owner.

The time has now come to inject new excitement and during this process, it was essential for the family to find a new owner whose commitment to the development of isoplus would match the commitment on which the company was founded. The family has now found such an owner, i.e. the Dutch-based and family-run investment company Egeria. https://egeriagroup.com/


A new committed  owner

In Denmark, the news of the transfer was well received by the Danish management.

To a development-minded company such as isoplus, it is crucial to have an active and committed owner, who looks at the overall picture. An owner, who intends to continue our success, can see the potential in the area of green growth and who wishes to cooperate with the existing management. Egeria is such an owner, and prospects for the future development are excellent, Bo Olsen, CEO of isoplus Denmark says. Bo Olsen has been with isoplus since 2004.

Egeria is not just another investment company. Exactly like isoplus, the company is family-owned, founded in 1997. The company operates across European borders and focuses on sound medium-scale enterprises with growth potential.

The transfer, which is subject to usual fulfillment conditions, is likely to be completed during the first quarter of 2022.

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