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Solar heating

Cleanest and most sustainable energy source – also at times when the sun does not shine. isoplus provides customised pre-insulated solutions for optimal connection to solar heating.

Solar heating technology has been thoroughly tested and improved for decades. Large-scale solar heating is an essential supplement to other energy sources in the production of district heating. It is the cleanest and most sustainable of all energy sources as no CO2 is emitted.

Unlike other alternative energy sources, the energy can be stored in hot water and used during periods without sunlight. This ensures better use of the solar energy and makes solar heating solutions even more profitable.

Solar energy is a permanent free source of energy, and all you need to consider throughout the life of a pipe system are operational costs.

isoplus customises pre-insulated pipe systems for solar heating to match your needs and ensure optimal connection with solar heating networks. We can assist you with static calculations and design of the piping system that are vital for ensuring the technical lifetime of a piping system.


Download isoplus’ solar heating brochure to learn more about pre-insulated solutions for solar heating.

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Profitable large scale solar heating in Norway

Large-scale solar heating is an important energy resource for counteracting part of the heavily increasing energy prices and the uncertainties related to the future energy supply. Solar heating is important in Norway as well. Investing in solar energy represents new...

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