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At isoplus we believe that the best solutions are created in a close dialogue with customers.

To ensure a reliable piping system with a long lifetime, a district heating project requires thorough planning as well as correct choice of products and installation method. We believe that long-lasting and close relationships with our customers ensure the best solutions.

We believe that long-lasting and close relationships with our customers ensure the best solutions. The better our insight into the customers’ business, the better can we adapt our products and services to their needs. Short lines of communication entail synergy. We see this particularly when it comes to the development of special products – such developments are the joint efforts of customer and isoplus.

isoplus’ work is based on a principle of 380° service. 380° service means that we can offer you competent advice from project start till the pipe system is installed. We know from experience that we ensure the best and most efficient solution, when we make an extra effort to provide the best service and support.

When you receive an offer for a project, we can provide a number of different services:

In addition, isoplus appoints a project group to handle supplies for all major projects and framework agreements. The project group involves highly qualified employees, who ensure optimal cooperation with regards to logistics and project optimisation.

All of isoplus’ products are thoroughly tested and meet all current EN standards. You can therefore expect a product of high and uniform quality, while our service and support team ensures that your project progresses according to plan.

As a part of isoplus’ total quality we also focus on training you in the correct installation of our products. Ask us about opportunities to arrange courses in joint installation, installation rules, leak detection system and supervision.



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