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isoplus product range includes all the components needed for complete pre-insulated piping systems. A comprehensive stock and a wide range of products ensure that we can deliver optimal and competitive solutions for both large and small projects.

In our factories, we manufacture pre-insulated steel pipes for transmission and distribution networks as well as flexible pipe systems, particularly suited for branch lines and small community projects.

Steel pipe

Pre-insulated steel pipe is a solid and efficient solution for district heating, cooling as well as industrial applications that require high temperature and pressure resistant pipes.


isoplus pre-insulated isopex pipes are perfectly suited for branch lines, secondary lines and small community projects with a continuous operating temperature of maximum 85°C.


isoalupex is a flexible pre-insulated piping system perfectly suited for branch lines in district heating piping systems.


isoplus’ pre-insulated isoflex pipes is a bonded pipe system, perfectly suited for branch lines in district heating systems operating at high temperatures and pressures.


isocu is perfect for branch lines in district heating systems with high requirements to temperature and pressure.


isoclima is a flexible pipe system made of fracture and impact resistant HDPE, particularly suited for the transport of cold water.

Customised pipes

isoplus is able to supply a number of products in addition to those found in our catalogue and brochures. Contact isoplus’ technical department and let us find the right solution for your project.

Joints and fittings

isoplus offers a complete range of joints, joint assemblies, fittings and other accessories, all tailored to the pipes and easy to install and maintain.

isoplus PG leak detection system

isoplus offers three different alarm boxes with an associated monitoring system, which means that you can always get the solution that suits your project requirements.

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