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Joints & fittings

isoplus offers a complete range of joints, joint assemblies, fittings and other accessories, all tailored to the pipes and easy to install and maintain.

isoplus joints and branches are developed to match the challenges occurring during the assembly of components in a piping system. We offer more than 30 different joints and branches, either heat-shrinkable or weldable, depending on installation conditions and project requirements.

If you require well-documented electric fusion welds, weldable joints of polyethylene (HDPE) are a reliable solution for all types of pre-insulated pipes. isoplus weldable joints are easy and quick to install and are the market’s preferred weldable joint.

isoplus open weldable joint is a joint type, which does not require pre-installation. It is particularly suited for repairs or renovation of joints. We offer the same well-documented process as for standard weldable joints.

For the connection of branch lines, isoplus product range includes six different weldable saddles and weldable branches. Weldable saddles and branches are time-saving solutions, because they eliminate the need for cutting the main.

Heat-shrinkable joints and branches of cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) allow simple and fast installation with less joints and components.


isosteelpress connection system and fittings

The isosteelpress system allows pure metal to metal sealing onto the carrier pipe, utilising a unique conical structure.

Using a simple press tool and a unique conical structure, steel pipes can be connected without welding. isosteelpress ensures completely hermetic sealing for steel pipe dimensions ø20-114.3 mm.

Reliability and quality is incorporated into the isosteelpress system‘s unique design. These features are paired with an unparalleled ease of installation. isosteelpress is the perfect connection for a variety of installation jobs.

Advantages of installation with isosteelpress:

  • Easy to use in confined, hard-to-reach places
  • Considerably faster than welding
  • Secure installation under any conditions, without safety risks
  • No need for trained welders, which makes project planning easier
  • No need for x-ray controls

Do you want to know more? Download the isosteelpress brochure.


Get further information about the individual joints, branches and fittings in our catalogue chapters 16 and 17 in download centre.

Installation services

isoplus service department with about 20 trained and certified fitters can help you with installation jobs in large as well as small projects.

Contact our service department for assistance with installation work.

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