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Large-scale solar heating is an important energy resource for counteracting part of the heavily increasing energy prices and the uncertainties related to the future energy supply. Solar heating is important in Norway as well. Investing in solar energy represents new ways of thinking among the Norwegians. However, energy calculations show that solar collectors could become a profitable investment, also in the Scandinavian countries.

People in Lillestrøm take the climate challenge seriously. Here, approximately 15,000 households are heated by the biggest Norwegian large-scale plant in Akershus EnergyPark. In 2011, isoplus started its cooperation with L&H Rørbyg and SUNMARK in order to provide a complete system of 13,000 m2 of solar collectors, which were put up in the fields near Lillestrøm.

Download the case reference in pdf.


Customer: Akershus Energi. Lillestrøm, Norway
Time scale: 2011

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