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The circle is closed – no needless CO2 emissions / smaller carbon footprint than in the case of mechanical recycling of PE.

isoplus is thrilled to bits that the last link in our chain of sustainable PE, i.e. our factory in Austria, has now been ISCC Plus certified (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification).

The reuse of biooil from the industry now allows you to have a sustainable PE casing from isoplus installed in you piping network.

Due to the ISCC certification scheme we are now ready to supply sustainable PE which also complies with all requirements of EN254.

If sustainability matters to you, and if you wish to know more, please feel free to contact our technical manager Jens Rasmussen by phone no. +45 63 41 50 63 or mail j.rasmussen@isoplus.dk. We would be glad to visit you and tell you more about how the scheme works in practice.

See our ISCC PLUS certificate here.

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