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No matter which branch solution you need, you can be sure to find the proper solution in isoplus’ comprehensive range of weldable PE solutions.

With open weldable branches and weldable saddle branches from isoplus you get the market’s fastest and simplest solutions for installing service lines or branches. We have the products which ensure quick and safe installation by means of electric fusion welding – a controlled and fully documented process.

A common way of installing service lines is to use preinsulated branches, and this method requires cutting the main pipe. This may entail a prolonged supply stop during the installation of the new service line. When you use isoplus’ weldable branch solutions, only a tiny part of the insulation has to be removed from the main pipe in order to install the welding stub in the place where the service line is to be connected. This allows easy and safe integration of the welded branch into the existing pipe system. By using open weldable branches and weldable saddle branches you also need fewer components and you save time – the perfect solution for connecting a service line to an existing system.


Reliable solution

Weldable saddle branches and open weldable branches are fitted exclusively by electric fusion welding where branch and pipe are welded into a firmly bonded unit. This ensures a tight joint that protects the steel pipe from outside corrosion throughout the entire lifetime of the system.

Weldable saddle branches and open weldable branches in all dimensions are installed using the two isoplus welding computers – the isowelder or the isowelder compact, both to be connected to 230 V.

In order to ensure the correct welding temperature, the welding computer is calibrated, prior to each welding process, based on the temperature of the joint.


Fully documented welding process

The welding computer calculates the ideal welding curve during the entire process; this curve is displayed along with the welding duration and temperature. All curves are stored on a USB stick; they can be viewed on the display and printed from a PC after transmission to a central computer.

isoplus can provide remote support to the welding computer, because all data from the computer log are transmitted to isoplus’ server via GSM immediately after the welding process ends.

You can choose between two types of isoplus welding computers – isowelder and isowelder compact. The ultra-light isowelder compact ensures a good working environment and is an obvious solution where there is little room available. The isowelder compact can be connected to an ordinary mains voltage of 230 V; therefore, there is no need for a generator.

Based on state-of-the-art technology and a documented welding process, you can be sure to find the right solution for your project in isoplus’ product range.

For more information, please contact our technical manager Jens Rasmussen by e-mail j.rasmussen@isoplus.dk or tel. +45 63 41 50 63.


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