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The good cooperation
The cooperation between HOFOR and isoplus dates back more than 10 years and involves many projects in the Greater Copenhagen area.

Because isoplus has a local service department in Hvidovre we were able to provide efficient and prompt service to HOFOR in its entire supply area.

Green visions for Copenhagen North Harbour
In a new quarter in the North Harbour area, HOFOR was entrusted with the task of collecting the heat from
various renewable green energy solution such as seawater heat pumps, district cooling, low-temperature district heating and geothermics and transfer it to customers in the quarter which is now more sustainable.

As a part of this project, canals are excavated to divide the quarter into smaller parts. Before the canals are filled with water, supply mains will be integrated in the bridges that cross the canals. The pipes are laid in protection pipes positioned under the bridge – a good and long-term solution that makes it easy to inspect and replace the pipes.

As so often before, isoplus was involved right from the planning phase up till now where we supply preinsulated pipes as well as protection pipes and installation of joints. All of it in a close cooperation with HOFOR.

The installation of joints, special joints and branches – the construction, extension and renovation of alarm systems – corrections to new and older drawings – measurement of new and existing pipelines – courses and training of new employees … these are just some of the many tasks included in isoplus’ cooperation with HOFOR.

Due to the close cooperation HOFOR and isoplus have a profound knowledge of each other’s approach to and handling of jobs. This is a huge advantage when we are creating the right solutions together.

But even with this profound mutual knowledge, both HOFOR and isoplus are watchful, innovative and forward-looking, so there is always focus on finding the best – and most efficient – solutions.

Download the case reference in pdf.

Customer: HOFOR – Hovedstadsområdets Forsyningsselskab (Greater
Copenhagen Public Utility)
Time scale: 2012 – 2023

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