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We are proud to announce that isoplus has entered into a new collaboration with Pipeguard. For that reason, we can now offer our customers three new groundbreaking alarm boxes to ensure the best possible protection for your investment.

The Swedish company Pipeguard is an expert in leak detection. Their products have been on the market since 2000, and the technology behind their leak detection and surveillance products has been developed and improved for more than 40 years. They are internationally recognized for their user-friendly and innovative approach to leak detection. We look forward to taking part in their specialist knowledge and to a good cooperation benefitting both isoplus and especially you as a customer.


Three new alarm boxes with advanced technology

The isoplus pipeguard product group will consist of no less than three alarm boxes; isoplus microPG, isoplus miniPG and isoplus detectorPG. In addition to measuring the insulation resistance and resistance in the alarm circuit, the new alarm boxes also measure the galvanic voltage. The galvanic voltage can give an indication of whether a fault stems from inside or outside the pipe system, and as a user you will therefore get a better overview of your system. In addition, the isoplus microPG and isoplus miniPG can also be connected to a chamber surveillance system, so that you can be alerted in the case of rising water in a valve well.

isoplus microPG is a modern tool for early detection of moisture in the polyurethane foam and breakage of the alarm wire, which can handle 7500 meters of alarm wire in two channels. The alarm box comes prepared for both a standard 230V power supply and with a battery supply. isoplus miniPG is the big brother of isoplus microPG. In addition to the features of the isoplus microPG, this alarm box can handle 7500 meters of alarm wire across four channels. isoplus detectorPG is the simple answer to an effective alarm box, where errors are displayed by a lighted diode on the box itself. The isoplus PG detector alarm box can be connected to Building Management System through potential free relay exit and is delivered prepared for standard 230V power supply.


The user-friendly monitoring system gives you a better overview

With both isoplus microPG and isoplus miniPG you get access to the advanced monitoring tool isoplus PGweb, where measurements can be easily accessed, evaluated and compared. That way, you always have complete control over what’s going on in your pipe system. In addition to being able to see the current and more pressing matters, you will also be able to keep track of potential issues. This means that you have the opportunity to plan future repairs so that they can be carried out with the least possible inconvenience to the consumers. Through isoplus PGweb you will also be able to monitor the condition of the battery so that you can have it checked and replaced before the battery is dead.

The collected data is stored on a cloud-based server, which allows you to compare the current state of the system with previous measurements. This ensures that you always have the best basis for assessing the health of your pipe system.

The tool is known to be very user-friendly with a simple and intuitive structure, and can be easily used without computer skills. The system is web-based and can be accessed from both the computer, mobile and tablet – wherever you are in the world.

Contact your sales person or technical manager Jens Rasmussen at j.rasmussen@isoplus.dk or +45 6341 5063 to hear more about the new isoplus pipeguard products.

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