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When steel pipes in large dimensions are to be installed with an angle, bending the pipes on site provides numerous advantages.

isoplus gives you the opportunity to lease a bending tool that can bend pre-insulated pipes from DN450 to DN800 and in angles from 9.5 to 16 degrees.

Optimise your static design

The bending tool calculates and monitors the entire bending process as the pipes are bent gently from the inside.

This method ensures that the foam insulation, the alarm wires and the outer jacket pipe remain undamaged. Thus, also the insulation values of the pipe system are maintained. You will therefore ensure a system with a constant low heat loss and a guaranteed lifetime of 30-50 years.

Curved pipes are a flexible and robust solution for pipe systems in large dimensions. With curved pipes you reduce the number of joints and completely avoid bevelling and the concentration of extra stresses in the directional change.

Low installation costs and flexibility

The bending tool is delivered in a container that can be moved to the construction site in order to bend the pipes on site. That way you can plan the precise directional change after the trench has been excavated. It also minimises delivery times and transport costs.


Do you want more information or are you considering to use curved pipes for your next project?

Please contact Jens Rasmussen j.rasmussen@isoplus.dk or 63415063.

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