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The increasing gas prices, the enforcement notice of the phasing out of oil and gas heating as well as the actual international conditions, have resulted in a nationwide growing focus on and wish for a quick switch to district heating in Denmark.
This goes for the municipality Gentofte in Greater Copenhagen as well, where the development of district heating is well under way, for the more than 6,000 housing units, that will be able to connect to the district heating network up until 2028
The development takes place as a part of the green transition, where the ambition, already in 2010, was to expand the existing district heating network to cover the entire municipality of Gentofte.
The project is divided into more contracts and isoplus has been chosen as the supplier of pipes and components for the first development areas.
Taken the bustle of the district heating industry into consideration, we are also pleased to have a strong Serviceteam, who can assist the contractors in the installation of both welding- and heat shrinkable joints.
With isoplus 380° solution, technical advice and installation as well as preparation of piping statics and alarm systems are included in the supplies. Furthermore, as a natural part of our exceptional service, our Alarm Technician, Poul Rappold, install the alarm boxes and measure the entire system ahead of the final delivery.
District heating is no longer just seasonal.
Sustainability and green solutions are in a constant high gear, and with this project, isoplus are glad to be able to contribute to a significant reduction of the CO2 emission in Greater Copenhagen.

Download the case reference in pdf.

Customer: Gentofte, Denmark
Time scale: August 2021 – December 2028

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