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In Føns on West Funen, Denmark a vision about sustainable village became a reality.

In October 2015, a brand-new wood chip-fueled heating plant was established, which now provides heating for 43 local households. isoplus has supplied the pipes and made the detailed project design. All ends are gathered in a cooperative with quite an appropriate name of “Føns Community Heating”.

In 4 years the new heating plant reduced the CO2 emissions by 280,000 tons. Future plans also include incorporating a renewable energy source to ensure 100 per cent sustainable heating.

The initiative is to a great extent based on the efforts of local enthusiasts and local schemes where volunteers take turns overlooking the plant one week at a time. Føns Community Heating has attracted the interest of many small villages on Zealand and in Jutland; the plant even received visitors from Japan, who came to see how Denmark’s smallest district heating plant works.

Download the case reference in pdf.


Customer: Føns Community Heating, Føns, Denmark
Time scale: May-October 2015

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