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 2021 was not the easiest year for planning and implementing large projects. But thanks to a flexible cooperation, TVIS still managed to advance 28 km further towards green economy.
When district heating has to move over long stretches in the Triangle Region, the heat transmission company TVIS is behind the project. In 2021, two new sections of transmission lines were to be installed: 20 km from Vejle to Skibet and onwards to Bredsten-Balle and Jelling and another 8 km from Lunderskov to Vamdrup. Here, TVIS chose to have isoplus deliver the preinsulated pipes and handle the installation of joints in both projects.

Complicated project within a short timeframe
The planning foresaw that the stretch west of Vejle in particular would be very demanding – with small roads, narrow curves, large height differences and many springs. But facing challenges regarding shipments in 2021 … that was an extra hindrance that put the plan to the test.
When we managed to achieve our goal nonetheless, this was not least thanks to TVIS’ responsiveness and flexibility. When components were missing and thus preventing the planned work, we managed to change plans and keep work-ing in other locations, even though the changes would have consequences for the other suppliers – and for the traffic.

Systematised documentation
The new transmission line was designed to withstand 120°C hot water and a pressure of 25 bar. Therefore, the project was covered by the Pressure Equipment Di-rective (PED) – and this means special requirements for construction, manufacture, surveillance, control and doc-umentation.
To isoplus it meant that structural engineers were closely involved throughout the entire process. Every change and every adaptation required new strength calculations to ensure that the shipment would comply with the inten-sified requirements.
The PED also requires that all steel parts are accompa-nied by 3.1 certificates. isoplus compiled all these re-quirements and systematised them in order to make traceability easier for TVIS in the future.

A permanent team – on Teams
Knowhow and experience are the glue which binds large-scale projects together. isoplus combines these qualifications in project managers Lene Lødsen and Kim Nielsen as well as area manager Heino Jensen. Both attended the construction meetings to allow fast action – sometimes other technical experts required to ensure the progress of the project attended, too.
And – if anything has to be considered positive during the second year of the corona crisis – it has to be the efficiency of online meetings. Many construction meet-ings were held via Teams which made it easy to gather people from all over. At the same time, it saved time and transport – and it was easy to come to and to leave the meetings, so only the relevant qualifications were present.
Fully in line with the original plan, the new transmission lines were completed when the heating season 2021-22 started.

Apart from good quality and energy efficient pipes, isoplus also provides flexible service, which is a major ad-vantage for a project that is affected by circumstances like the weather, unforeseen soil conditions, traffic and much else. We are happy that we can now deliver sta-ble, environmental and cheap district heating to the new areas.


Brian Schmidt
Project Manager, TVIS

Download the case reference in pdf.

Customer: TVIS, Denmark
Time scale: October 2020 – October 2021

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