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Surplus heat for 120,000 homes
ISOPLUS Benelux as well emphasizes on reducing the CO2 emissions and on a future where we depend less on natural gas.

An important step in this direction is the contract for the supply of pipes to Gasunie*, the Netherlands, and their exciting project WarmtelinQ – an underground pipeline intended to use surplus heat from Rotterdam Port for heating, for instance, 120,000 homes in the south of Holland.

The pipeline runs from Rotterdam via Vlaardingen, Schiedam, MiddenDelfland, Delft and Rijswijk to The Hague – and contains several branch lines, such as a branch line that should make it possible to heat the greenhouses in Western Holland. The extensive WarmtelinQ project is also known as the “Pipeline across the centre”.

Transportation also considers the environment. The first 300 loads alone for the first part of the project have been sent by railway from ISOPLUS’ factory in Hohenberg, Austria, directly to Moerdijk in Holland.

ISOPLUS has also delivered the insulated pipes for the EET (Eems Energy Terminal) project, also a project of Gasunie, this project includes the construction of a floating LNG installation at Eemshaven (Groningen). This installation was realized in record time and is in operations since last September with the aim to minimise dependency on Russian gas. The project is backed intensively by the Dutch government

Download the case reference in pdf.

Customer: Gasunie – Energy network provider in the Netherlands and Northern Germany
Time scale: 2022 – 2023

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