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– I am positively surprised. When a new product is launched, one is usually a little sceptical and wonders if it will really deliver its promises. Having worked with it, however, I must say that my scepticism failed to materialise.

These were the words of Sten Bang, Operations Manager at Kibæk Heating Plant, after he had tried isosteelpress – a brand new pipe assembly system.

Steel pipes are connected without welding, merely by means of a simple press tool and a unique wedge design. isosteelpress ensures hermetically sealed, high-quality pipe connection in the dimensions Ø 20 to Ø 114.3 mm; no gaskets required at all.


Perfectly easy to use

– We were facing the installation of a major branch line into a school, and Ulrik Kure (Area Manager at isoplus, editors’ remark) suggested that we try the new system for the project, says Sten Bang.

Ulrik Kure came by with the tools and components needed for the system – packed in a practical transport unit – and Sten Bang and one of his staff members went to work.

– We soon found out that it was perfectly easy to use. Once you get a little practice, it takes max 10 minutes to complete a joint – a trained fitter would probably need about an hour to weld it, the Operations Manager states.


Time saving and flexible

He assumes that he and his operations assistant spent about six hours each on completing approximately 20 joints, including the installation of shrinkable joints – versus 20 welds that would take about one hour each if made by a specially trained professional.

– This saves a lot of time indeed. But just as important is that the system allows more flexibility because unskilled people like me can do the job. Certified welders are getting harder to find, therefore not having to hire one makes our time frame and planning easier, says Sten Bang. He underlines that there are still plenty of jobs for trained welders.


Sound investment

Large cities and areas with new developments, many large-scale consumers and industrial growth and businesses – this is where I can really see its advantages. If the level of activity allows it, the system is definitely a sound investment – and as a “trial user” I can certainly recommend it, Sten Bang concludes.


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